Multieffect Digital Tones Preset Packs


Tones Preset Packs

New Release!

15 Guitar Sound Presets – Mix Ready Preset for Multieffect Digital :

Designed For All Genre Music. Cleans, Low Gain, Hi Gain, Ambient tones and special sounds for ambience. Easy to use and no additional processing required.

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Hj Signature

– Hj CL 

– Hj OD 800 



Clean Tone

– Basic Tiny 

– Fantasy

– Lolipop  

– SadStrum 

– Sosok Delay


Low Gain

– Drive You  

– Filler  

– JDM  

– Ngemo

– Phone 

– Soloin

– StrumPunk 

How to Import Preset VALETON

How to impor preset NUX


Hj Guitar Tones Pack

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